My Work

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox (2023)

Slapstick stealth platformer.
Available on Steam and Switch

Tender: Creature Comforts (2021)

Tinder but with aliens.
Available on iOSAndroid, and Steam

Yankai’s Diamond (2021)

Cool-looking twiddly puzzle game.
Available on iOSAndroid, and

Peak’s Edge (2020)

Pyramidal puzzle roguelike.
Available on iOS and Android

Kubrix (2019)

Cool-looking fidgety puzzle game.
Available on iOS and Android

Twinfold (2018)

Threes but a roguelike.
Available on iOSAndroid, and Steam

A Hollow Doorway (2018)

Twitchy action game.
Available on iOS and Android

Yankai’s Peak (2017)

Pyramid-pushing puzzler.
Available on iOSAndroid, and Steam

Yankai’s Triangle (2016)

Cool-looking fiddly puzzle game.
Available on iOS, Android, and Steam

Circa Infinity (2015)

Cool-looking hypnotic platformer.
Available on iOSAndroid, Steam, Switch, and Xbox

Other Games

Circle Affinity (2016)
Dive Demon Dive (2015)
Spectrum (2014)
Core (2014)
Flash Games (2007-2009)

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